Sunday, October 26, 2008

Why Europe, Why?

Well, it's our last official day in Europe, so I had to write a quick post to say goodbye to all the good, bad, and bizarre. I wouldn't want to change anything about Europe, but there are two things I just don't understand, and maybe one of my European friends can explain them to me.
First, Europeans love art, good food, care about the environment (see below) and seem to always strive for a high quality of life, so why in the world do they smoke so much? I see these beautiful young girls walking around constantly smoking and then you see women who are probably only ten to twenty years older doing the same thing but they look so haggard and their skin looks like leather, not to mention what it is doing to their health. Why don't Europeans make the connection like many Americans have? They've got so much more figured out.
Secondly, why, oh why, do Europeans seem to love bad techno music so much? I can't say this has been as much of a negative as the smoking because we've been watching a lot of European music videos in our hotel rooms and I haven't seen such great comedy in a very long time. One of my favorites is called "Crying in the Discotheque" by a Swedish group called Alcazar. For some reason the embedding has been disabled through YouTube, so you'll just have to click the link. You've got to give them credit for working Richard Gere into their lyrics, though with a very vague reference.
Just this morning I saw another one that ranks right up there with Alcazar, "Wash My World" by French producer Laurent Wolf. This one they let me embed, so check it out (it's a bit sexual, in a silly way, so be sure you want to see it if you watch).

At least they care about the environment, right? If only all of us could care about the environment enough to scrub down trees in hot pants and midriff bearing tank tops. My favorite moment in this video has got to be when they put the birds in the washing machines and then open them and they fly out. I have a suspicion this might not work the same way in real life.
Well, I'm signing off from Leuven. Steve's just left for a rehearsal and I have to start rolling my clothes very tightly to get everything to fit back into my suitcases. Steve has a lecture today and a performance tonight, and then we take off for the airport at about 7 AM. I'm definitely glad Daylight Savings Time started today so we may actually make it. See you in the States.