Thursday, October 2, 2008


I frequent a local convince store that is right across the street from my gym because all too often in the rush to get my tired butt out the door to the gym I forget my water bottle. It looks like the photo, like any other convenience store in any other neighborhood. And like any other convenience store, it comes complete with disgruntled employees. I do believe that every single time I have been in this store there has been a group of at least three employees (really, how many people does it take to run one of these?) huddled together at the front counter either fighting with each other or talking smack about another employee. I usually find it amusing if they don't get too distracted and put off ringing up my water to finish a long, drawn out insult or scenario. I mean, the stories usually are pretty interesting. Like the other day when I again found myself without my water bottle and I went in and two women who looked like they had done some hard living in their time were talking to a greasy overweight guy about some other worker who apparently had laid on the floor the other day in the middle of her shift and had refused to get up because she was tired. They were, of course, disgusted by this, and one of the hard living ladies said "Really, she's 19, how tired could she be?" As a woman who has two young children, has just turned 40, and is up at 6:30 AM to go to the gym, all I have to say is Amen.