Monday, October 20, 2008

Paris Is In The Details

There are a lot of things to love about Paris, so much in fact, I can’t even begin to list them all. There is one easily definable thing I love about this city though: the beautiful details in even the smallest things. I remembered this from my two previous visits, but this time I guess I’m noticing the details more. Here are some examples:

These two photos are of the incredible tile work in the Metro. Anyone who has been in the subway in New York, or in the Underground in London knows that they are not usually places you look for beauty, but in Paris, most Metro stations are exceptions to the rule.

And speaking the Metro, the Metro stops, especially in Monmarte, are works of art themselves. This first one is at Pigalle; the detail is amazing. The other is at Absesses, and is the only one in Paris that still has all the Nouveau details, including the original glass roof.

And then, everywhere you look, there is art, like these sculptures that you just come along while walking down the street and in fountains everywhere.

And the details in everyday things, like this beautiful wave pattern in a stone bench at the Louvre, and the amazing streetlights by the Seine.

But then there’s the "real art", and we went and saw the amazing collection at L’Orangerie. The museum is mostly dedicated to Monet’s Waterlilies, but they threw in some Cezanne, Matisse, and Picasso just for good measure. It was an amazing collection, and thanks to Janell for recommending it to me before we came. Here is a detail photo and a short video of the oval shaped room where Waterlilies is displayed.

We were sad that our friends Tim & Alison had to leave today to go back to London (and their two children, Ivy & Oliver). It is always so greet to hang out with them, even though it made us really miss our "single married" days (before kids) when we traveled all over Europe together. We will miss them! We finished our time together with lunch at the Tuileries. The weather was perfect and it was yet another great day in Paris.


issl said...

saw your address from steve on facebook. Both of you fit in naturally in europe and paris is a dream as always...have fun.

alison said...

I'm glad I took the time to catch up with your blog tonight. I've only been back one day, and hit the ground running (behind Ivy and Oliver), so our weekend in Paris was beginning to blur at the edges until I read your post/s.