Wednesday, October 8, 2008


My sister Liz surprised me with a bag of Maynard's Wine Gums for my birthday which she found in a duty free shop in an airport on a recent trip. Leave it to the Brits to make gummy candy that tastes like alcohol, but I love them for it. One taste of these and I am back in my favorite movie theater in London, the Notting Hill Coronet. It was one of the first places that Steve and I went together when we moved to London, and spent many evenings there. The first time we went out with our friends Tim and Alison (still two of my favorite people on the planet), we met them at the front of this theater and walked around the corner to have Indian food. What fantastic memories. Here's some photos:

We always sat in the balcony, even though it's the smoking section, because of the beautiful view of the whole theater. We saw many movies here since it was just a couple of tube stops from our apartment, but my favorite was Felicia's Journey, which I still recommend to every film lover I know. It's set in Manchester, creepy, and very Alfred Hitchcock. It's hard to find at your average Blockbuster, but try to find it, its worth it.