Monday, October 13, 2008

The making of The MJSL004

I found out something interesting about myself yesterday: If I get bored enough doing art projects with my kids doesn't stress me out (that much). I let Steve sleep in on Sunday Morning since we were up late at the David Byrne concert, and I was stuck with nothing to do. We had eaten breakfast, played, and watched TV, and it was still only 6:30 AM (the boys got up at 5:15 AM for some insane reason). To pass the time I gave them some boxes to play with, and Jack picked one up and said he wanted to turn it into a robot because it had two holes in it that looked like eyes. Since we had nothing else to do and it was still dark outside, we decided to build a robot out of boxes, tape, tin foil, construction paper, and straws. It got a little messy and involved, but we actually all had fun. Steve even joined in when he woke up:

Check out the results:

Max decided to name it the MJSL004 because it has all of the initials from our first names and there are four people in our family.
I suspect Jack may have gotten the idea for our impromptu art project from this video from Flight of the Conchords:

Do we watch too much YouTube with the kids? Affirmative.