Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

I took this short video of the boys this morning; I totally cracked up when Jack forgot who he was for Halloween and had to look to remember.

All I can say is what was I thinking with the face paint? I mean, it was a good idea to paint the boy's faces because they can't wear masks to school, but I bought the theatrical greasepaint at a local costume shop, and it is a mess! Jack tackled Max and left a bit of red on the right shoulder of his costume (you can kinda see it in the video). I did some damage control by bringing Jack home as soon as his school program was done and giving him a bath to get it all off. They looked cute though, and had so much fun looking at themselves in the mirror. It has been a whirlwind of Halloween activity since we got home, check out the pumpkin carving photos below. Now we just have to go trick or treating tonight with some friends (without face paint), and we can take it easy until next year. Whew!

Max supervising the carving of his pumpkin. To his credit, he drew out the design and then left the dirty work for Steve. I love carving pumpkins; it was one of those things that I always looked forward to doing when I had kids.

The final product.