Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Al Fresco Dining

Yesterday morning Steve invited us over to dinner at our friend's house, and we had a great time. We made up for our boldness by bringing the main course, and we had a great time. I didn't realize how much I missed having a yard until we were in their great, huge one yesterday, eating in the perfect weather, sending the kids off to play when we were done, and sitting around chatting. Living in a condo has it's perks (no lawn mowing, less space to clean), but lack of a yard is one of the big negatives. I can't wait until ours is up and running at the new house. Here's some photos of last night's festivities:

The highlight of the evening (at least for the boys) was the Tortoise , not turtle, that our friend Scott inherited from his grandpa. It's 35 years old, it's name is Millie, and Jack is already making plans to go back to visit her.

The food. A pretty good impromptu dinner if I do say so myself.

The true test of a great backyard: Is it big enough for wagon rides?

Thanks Scott and Sarah for all the fun, and I promise, next year Memorial Day dinner will be at our house.