Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Whole Lotta Legos

Yesterday the weather clouded up and got a bit windy, so we were wondering what to do for the day. During my morning walk on the boardwalk I saw a bus for Legoland, which is right in the back yard of where we're staying, so we decided to give it a try. The boys are way too into all things Lego, so they were excited. Here's some highlights:

Max, Jack, Steve and I on the Human Powered Free Fall. More work than you'd think. And you get to check out my dental work.

Jack got his official Lego Driver's License after a run on this track, but seeing all the head on collisions he encountered during the process makes me happy he's got twelve more years until he's driving the real thing.

A scale model of San Francisco made of Lego. Oh yeah, and Max liked the apple fries too.

Max and Jack meet their nemesis.

Jack kicking it on the Lego boats.

A Lego recreation of the inauguration of Barak Obama. He's standing on the stage next to the Lego Michelle in the bright yellow dress.

And one of my favorite surprises of the day: Volvo V.I.P. Parking. I thought the attendant was kidding me when she said we got to park there, but she was serious. I knew we bought the Volvo for a reason.

Our camera battery died early on, but it was a great day for all of us. Long live Lego!


Take-a-Wipf said...

Volvo parking only? What?

All of Us said...

No, but just because we paid way too much for a car, they let you park up front. Yea.