Monday, May 18, 2009

Art Show

Just before we went out of town we went to the annual Art Show at Max's school. I knew he was learning a lot about art when we bought a new toy for them at the Hirshhorn museum in D.C. and told him it reminded me of a painter named Miro, and he said "Oh yeah, Juan Miro." A couple of weeks ago he had to wear old clothes because they were making a Jackson Pollock mural as a class. Since I'm an Art geek, and Jackson Pollock is one of my favorites, I was overjoyed. The Art Show was fantastic. I love all kid art, even if I don't know the kid who did it. Here's some photos:

Jack, Max's friend Kyle, and Max by some kid versions of Jasper Johns.

Jack (being silly, as usual), Max and Kyle in front of the Jackson Pollock done by their class. You can create your own Pollock by going to the jackson pollock website that Mirjam just showed me on the girls trip.

Max taking photos of the paintings. Art imitating art.


Take-a-Wipf said...

Oh my gosh! that Jackson Pollock site is awesome.