Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Best Birthday Present Ever

As I mentioned before, we had planned to go fishing for Jack's birthday, but had to cancel due to rainy weather. My parents felt bad for him, so for a present they bought Jack a goldfish. It's been fun to see how excited both he and Max have been about having it, and they fight over who gets to feed him every day. We asked Jack what he wanted to name him after the party was over, and smiled and said "Humpy" with big, bright eyes. Luckily the fish is covered with spots, so I was able to convince him that "Spotty" might just be a better choice.

Now I just have to start planning "the talk" when we wake up one morning and Spotty is "sleeping upside down." Can't say I'm particularly excited for that one, but luckily I know Robert Frost's poem "Nothing Gold Can Stay" by heart. May come in handy.


Take-a-Wipf said...

Spotty really does make sense. Humpy should be reserved for when he gets a dog.