Saturday, May 30, 2009

Tuesday Mornings

One of the things that has saved my life as a full-time Mom is Tuesday Mornings. They started with me and Max five years ago when we first moved to town and didn't know anyone. Coming from the city and adjusting to life as a stay-at-home Mom, I was desperate to find stuff to do, and in my search I found Story Time at the Library. Luckily we have a great facility where people are dedicated to making great kid's programs, so we started going every Tuesday morning, like clockwork, and then went and got a bagel at Einstein's afterwards.

After Jack was born, we kept going, even after we went one time when he was an infant and one of the Story Tellers made a big noise with a shark puppet and made him cry like a banshee. This year Max was in school full time, so it was just Jack and I, but the best thing about Story Time is all the other Mom's I've met there (Mirjam, Kirsten, Sabine, Marcie) and all the other Mom's I've recruited to come along (Janell, Trish, Amy, Sarah). I feel so blessed to have these friends, and even though many of them weren't at Einstein's this past week, I got some great photos of some of the kids.

Like I said, there were many other friends missing, but when I see these photos of these awesome kids, I think about how lucky I am to have such beautiful children and amazing friends in my life. And it makes me think that being a full-time Mom just might be the best job in the whole world.