Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Party Planning

We are having Jack's official Birthday Party on Saturday, and since it is now Tuesday, I need to start the cake preparations. As I've mentioned before, I have set the bar pretty high for myself, so I cannot disappoint.

Even though we will be fishing for Jack's party, he wants a Batman cake. Now, anyone that knows me knows that a birthday cake challenge brings out the over-achiever in me, so I am trying to decide how ambitious to be. I could go simple and do the Batman symbol, like this:

Or I ca get a little more ambitious and make a skyscraper cake with Batman at the top and a bad guy coming after him like this (and not to sound all full of myself, but mine would look much better):

Or I could go all out and do my idea of creating two cake skyscrapers with a zip line connecting them that Batman will be suspended from, holding a sign that says "Happy Birthday Jack." Needless to say there are no images of a cake like this available online because no one based in reality would do that to themselves.

One of the biggest factors in making this decision is the fact that I have to transport the thing in my car about 20 minutes to the park with the fishing pond. I have a sneaking suspicion that two skyscrapers made of cake with Batman dangling between them from a zip line may not travel well.

We'll see how ambitious/insane/obsessive I am from which one I choose. And if I choose the zip line option, I need someone to promise to get me some professional help directly after the party is over. Okay? Thanks.


mirjam said...

I kind of want to see the two towers and all. Is that mean?

Mikilani said...

You should have the fishing party in the pond outside the townhome! That way Jack can have his twin tower Batman cake and eat it too... (ba-dum-bum!) :)

Take-a-Wipf said...

Maybe your contractor would have some good ideas on how to build the towers so they would survive the ride. ;)