Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Dyson Yellow Jacket Catcher

For some unknown reason, we have a million yellow jackets around our condo this time of year. They're big and aggressive, and last year poor Max got stung by one at the playground and Jack almost got it this year, but we scared his attacker away just in time.

The other day we had the door to our balcony open without the screen closed and four of them were buzzing around our living room in no time. I knew I needed to catch them to save us all from more stings, but couldn't figure out how to do it since they were all congregating around the lights on the ceiling. Then I saw my fantastic Dyson yellow vacuum sitting right there, and had an idea. I extended the suction tube as far as I could and sucked those little demons into the clear dust chamber, and found a sick satisfaction watching them tumble around with all the dust I'd just cleaned from the carpets. Here's some photos:

The yellow jacket stuck in his plastic, lint filled prison.

Max enjoying the payback after his sting last year.

The boys loved it because they got to get up close to check out the yellow jackets with no fear of being stung. Fun for the whole family!