Saturday, January 24, 2009

Clothing Kismet

Maybe I'm materialistic, but sometimes a great clothing purchase can really make my day.

I tried this skirt on at Anthropologie over the summer and loved it, but couldn't quite handle the price. I waited, and waited for it to go on sale, and then they ran out of it at the local store. So I went online, where they still had it, and I waited and waited, and then it finally went on sale. Unfortunately I had also made Steve a pact that I wouldn't buy any non-essentials until I go on my annual Girls Trip in May, which is chuck full of non-essential purchases. I told him about it, but said I wasn't going to get it because of the pact, but the next day he called me from work and told me I should get it for the upcoming wedding we're going to. I hesitated, because of the pact and all, but about 10 seconds later I was back on Anthropologie's website, credit card in hand. I was pretty sad when I saw that they had sold out of my size since the previous night, so I called the store. It helps to have my good friend from college, Jen, working at my local Anthropologie, and she got right on it. Within 15 minutes she had located it in Colorado and was having it sent to me, free of charge.

Some things were just meant to be.