Thursday, January 8, 2009

Our Ibiza - Chapter 9: Miles of Tiles

If you ever want to feel like your head is going to explode (which I'm sure you long for constantly) go to a humongus tile warhouse and look at displays and samples. I did today, and my head is still spinning.
Good thing I pretty much know what I want, because when you get in one of these places and see things like this...

...and all of a sudden you think you've always wanted a claw foot tub encrusted with silver tile paired with ornate mosaic floors...

...and a backsplash of exotic birds.

Well, just for a minute maybe.


andi said...

You don't understand. This place made me want to change my religion!!! So in love with all the tile that looks like candy. I could find it in my heart to worship at any of these stone alters.

What did you decide?