Monday, January 5, 2009

Oh, To Sleep So Well...

Jack used to have a habit of collecting every tiny toy he could in bed with him, which included That Green Surfer Guy We Got At The Nicklecade. Now, he's taken to collecting books, lots and lots of books, to look at while he's falling asleep. I love to see him learning to read, and his love of books, but I had to crack up the other night when I went in to turn off his light and saw this:

I know it looks like he's still reading, but he was totally asleep, so much so that when I pulled the book out of his hands, they lowered like they were on hydraulics and then he rolled over and we didn't hear from him until (early in) the morning. If only I could bottle that kind of sleep and sell it on the open market, I'd be a billionaire.


Kate Bailey said...

That is GREAT! And if you keep recommending your book, it's almost as good at bottling up that sleep and selling it. I should pay you for the recommendation. Seriously. Hannah is sleeping 13 hours at night and taking 5 hours of naps (on a normal day, anyway). So thank you thank you thank you!