Sunday, January 18, 2009

Happy (Belated) Birthday Janell

I forgot that yesterday was my friend Janell's birthday, and I blame it on the fact that she is out of town on a fabulous cruise with her husband (and no kids). But, better late then never, here's some of the things that make Janell one of my favorite people:
  • She's ultra calm and has amazing patience. I am totally high strung, and she is a great yin to my yang.
  • She's so much fun to travel with because she's always up for anything and doesn't tire on marathon days of shopping.
  • She is always willing to help me with just about anything, like watching kids, trying to find the elusive blacksplash tile, pack and move, paint endless woodwork in our first house (while pregnant), just to name a few.
  • Unlike me, she knows how to shut down her brain and just go for things. She ran a marathon a couple of years ago, which I totally admire, and she is amazing at yoga. I totally let things like this psych me out, and she doesn't. I hope she can rub off on me and teach me to be better than this some day.
The happiest of birthdays to Janell, but being stuck on a boat in Mexico with your husband and no kids pretty much ensures that one!