Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Party!

After the turmoil of creating The Beaver Dam and Lodge, today was the day we got to enjoy it with our friends. We went to the local bouncy house place and then came back for cake, ice cream, and presents. It was tons of fun.

Max got the first (huge) piece of cake, topped with a beaver.

Luckily he didn't eat it all.


sarah said...

OK, your cakes are sooo great. I cannot show this post to my kids who were already upset all day that they were missing the cake at Max's house. To the point where I made a chocolate cake for them when we got home tonight....

But a beaver dam and lodge? No, I didn't match that (I didn't even frost mine as it came out of the oven as we finished dinner and there is no way they are staying up for an hour and a half so the cake can cool and I can frost it and they can get a chocolate high right before bedtime).

Anyway, we all had a fantastic time today. Thanks for the invite!