Sunday, January 4, 2009

Max, Budding Photographer

Max and Jack both got these Little Tikes Digital Cameras for Christmas from my parents. Actually, I suggested them to my parents because they were over 50% off at Target the day after Thanksgiving, so I called my parents and told them they should get them, and so I actually bought them, wrapped them, gave them to my parents who directly handed them to Max and Jack, so really, they were from me, just financed by my parents.
Anyway, I wasn't sure how they would go over. I read some reviews of them online after I bought them and a lot of people complained about the picture quality and other little things, but I thought, hey, it's a camera for kids, and it was cheap. And I was glad that Max would not be trying to steal my camera, which is literally held together with tape to fix a loose battery connection.
When Max opened his, he was in awe that he could take 1,000 pictures with it, and he loved that there was a counter that showed up on the screen to tally each shot up to 1,000. He spent the rest of the next few days taking as many photos as he could, and finally got to over 300 before we decided to download them and check them out. I was surprised and what I found. Of course there were mostly blurry, indecipherable shots, but there were some cool ones. Check them out:

Cousin Rachel. I think this is a beautiful shot of her, and nice to see a candid photo that captures her softer side.

Some one's dancing feet.

A close-up of Uncle Doug.

Shadows of the pergola over Liz's deck. It's cool to see that Max thought this was interesting enough to take a picture of. Actually, he took about five pictures of it from different angles.

A close up of my smiling face. I think this is the most natural smile I've ever had in a photo.

Getting all arty with a moving picture of the TV.

And, of course, we need to remember Max is five, so a photo of the candy that I kept telling him he couldn't eat any more of. Taking a picture of it is the next best thing to eating.

So, the quality isn't stellar, but I love to see Max's vision of what is important to take photos of and how people relax and act like themselves when there's a kid behind the camera. I can't wait to see his next 1,000.


Kate Bailey said...

How fun! He did a great job taking those pictures! I hope you're feeling better!