Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Coconut

The other day, while listening to a Magic Tree House audiobook about Hawaii, Jack asked me how they make coconut milk in the story. I told him it came from inside a coconut, and he asked if we could get one. I told him I would look for one next time I was at the store. A couple of days later at Sunflower Farmer's Market I saw one, and they were less than two bucks, so I brought one home.
I asked Steve to get the milk out, and he got a screwdriver and dug it into one of the holes at the top and poured the liquid into a cup. We all tasted it, but since it tasted like watery coconuts, so no one was really crazy about it. The last time I had fresh coconut was when we were in Rome in the summer and they had street vendors selling fresh coconut pieces all over the city. I loved the tiered stands they sold them on that had water running down them like fountains.
We cracked our coconut open, and I was reminded how amazing a coconut looks inside. Here's some photos:

I love it when the boys remind me of the amazing things that I don't take the time to notice in my everyday life, and I just hope I'm teaching them as much as they're teaching me.


Kate Bailey said...

You are such a good mom, Laura!