Monday, March 16, 2009

Anybody Want A Lamp?

I've offered this to a few friends already, and no one was interested, but before I take it to the D.I., I thought I'd offer up this floor lamp to anyone who might be interested. I loved this in our historic house, but now that we're going ultra-modern I don't think it works anymore (but it does work). I bought it at D.I. about 15 years ago and loved, loved loved it. It has a solid brass base and glass shade. I think I paid $15, and it looked so great in our historic apartment. I hate to part with it, but I refuse to have it sit in my garage collecting dust. I've also decided to get rid of the boxes that have moved three or more time and are still taped up. I guess I should look in them to be sure I'm not throwing away any precious family heirlooms, but really, I think it's time.

Here's some more detail photos of the lamp:

If you're interested, let me know. If I don't hear anything in a week, it's back to the D.I. for this beauty.


Cha Cha Snow said...

Reminds me of Anna's place in the Ave.s!