Thursday, March 5, 2009

Our Ibiza, Chapter 11: High Anxiety

We have been totally overwhelmed with house issues this week, and many of them are mistakes our builder has made. Most of them are minor and merely cosmetic, but we're so frustrated by it all. We paid our architect so we could design the house down to the tiniest details, but apparently our builder only takes these as suggestions. This morning Steve said that he likes about 99% of what the builder has done, and I would agree, but that 1% can really bite you in the butt.
I'm also having major anxiety over our kitchen and what kind of cabinets to use. Luckily, I found a really cool cabinet maker who is willing to do something without all the corbels and gaudiness that most people do in their kitchens around here. But now it comes down to wood type. Here's a 3-D image of the kitchen:

We won't be doing the green back splash tile, but clear glass tile that looks white and shimmery; I really love it. But trying to coordinate the wood with the tile floor with the hardwood floors in the next room and the counter tops and AARGH! Here's a picture of another kitchen done by our architect where the same hardwoods were used:

But I can't do black cabinets. I want something much lighter. HELP!

I told Steve this morning that the house is just going to have to remain in limbo until I feel clear minded enough to make a decision, so we may just have to sign another year lease on our condo. I have a feeling that plan isn't going to work, so you need to tell me what you think we should do, PLEASE!


Take-a-Wipf said...

99% is great. I love it when a contractor has a "great idea" on how to "make" your design better.