Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I Kill iPhones

Well, I have today received my third iPhone in three months. The last one only only made it just over a week before my MacCurse took effect (for anyone who may be wondering, if you get an error code 1013 when trying to restore you're iPhone, just save your time and make an appointment at the Genius Bar. Apparently Apple doesn't even know what this error code means, but hey, I got a new iPhone for spending almost two hours on the phone with an Apple Tech). I am now calling myself The iPhone Killer, Ghostface iPhone Killah, or Natural Born iPhone Killer. Take your pick, they all mean that my new iPhone's days are seriously numbered.

I hate to admit that I have yet to start backing up (I know, you're all gasping right now at my hypocrisy after this post), but after this last iPhone death I got off my butt and decided to buy a Time Capsule. And with my luck, it will be dead before I can actually back anything up on it. Oh, how I love technology.