Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Watching Idol With A Six Year Old

I let Max stay up and watch American Idol with me last night because I feel like I never see him and he watched it a couple of times last year and totally loved it. I told him at the beginning of the show that he could choose one contenstant to vote for, and after each performance he said he liked that one the best. Then he began to see the dilemma. When I told him he could vote for more than one person, he felt much better. At the end of the show when they did the recap I told him to tell me who he wanted me to vote for and as the contestants went by he said "Yes, yes, yes, yes..." eleven times, so everyone got a vote. For me, it was a nice reminder to find the good in everyone (even that Megan Joy Corkrey who sounds like she's been sucking helium. Okay, so maybe I still have a lot to learn from Max).