Sunday, March 22, 2009

Privacy Issues

For some time now I've been realizing Max is growing up. Of course there's the facts that he's getting taller, bigger, and older that are dead giveaways, but lately he's been wanting his privacy. Wait, I thought you had to be like 14 before that became an issue, but I guess 6 is the new 14. It started when he wanted the bathroom door shut when using the toilet, and then the other night he smuggled a pen, paper, and tape into bed with him, and when I went into turn off their light, he had posted his feelings all over his and Jack's bunk bed:

Jack had to get in on the action too, and posted this one. He was so excited in the morning that he had written a letter "t". It looked like he had written the word tools, but when I asked him if that was it he said "No." I asked him what it said and he just shrugged. But he was excited about the "t":

So, I've started accepting that Max doesn't want to be with me all the time anymore. It's really good for both of us. I had just gotten used to the idea that my little Max was so grown up when I was out with Jack the other day and he had to use the bathroom. He's still mastering potty training, so I go into the stall with him in public restrooms to be of assistance. But this time when we got into the stall he sat down on the toilet, looked up at me, and said "Mommy, I need some privacy." I guess 3 is the new 6, and it won't be long until they never call or visit anymore.


Kate Bailey said...

I like the "tools" sign. That's great!

Don't worry... they'll want their privacy, and then they'll eventually realize how much they appreciate and love you and start talking to you again. :)

Alison said...

I am intrigued at your boys expressing their need for privacy. Ivy is potty training at the moment too, and last Sunday accidently locked herself in the stall at church so great was her need for privacy. She is only 2.5. What do you think she'll be like as a teenager?