Saturday, March 14, 2009

My Second Date With Sean

Yesterday I had my second date with Sean. If you don't remember Sean, he is the cute tech geek at the Apple Store who had the pleasure of telling me my hard drive was toast. We met again, quite by chance, because my iPhone has been acting up.

I've only had the thing for two and a half months and every once in a while it would heat up and then go into headphones mode so I could hear it ringing but couldn't hear anyone on the line unless I had my headphones on. It's been totally frustrating since it is my only phone and I've been making and receiving at ton of house building related calls.

So, I made my appointment at the Genius Bar and, once again, Sean got to give me the bad news that the iPhone was beyond repair, but he replaced it since it was still under warranty. Much better than last time. And as much as I like Sean, I am really hoping our second date will be our last.

So, I'm starting to think I have a MacCurse. I just hope the thing keeps working or else I may just throw it out the window and replace it with this:

Much less chance of technical problems. If you're experiencing the same issues you may just want to learn how to make your own, or if you have yet to experience the magic of the iPhone, you may just want to knit one to get you by until your contract runs out. Even with the problems, it's totally worth it.