Thursday, March 26, 2009

Peeling Garlic

Jack is always fascinated when I cook, and today I had to peel a bunch of garlic cloves for something I was making and he stopped right in the middle of his coloring and said "Mommy, I'm just going to watch you peel that garlic, okay?" Of course, that was fine with me. He thinks it's hilarious how I smash the cloves with my big chef's knife and then peel the skins off, so I asked him if he wanted to try. He was a quick study and couldn't wait to peel another clove after he was done with the first.

In all, he peeled four cloves of garlic for me, and I'm more than happy to put him to work. I secretly hope his love of cooking continues and he will join me in the kitchen as he gets older and share my love of all things culinary. Time will tell.