Sunday, March 29, 2009

Patience Is (not) A Virtue (that I posses)

I just experienced one of the hardest parts of parenthood: watching your child struggling to do something you could easily do for them. Jack was getting in the bathtub and wanted to unbutton his shirt by himself. I anxiously watched, knowing it would take him about ten times as long as it would take me, but I held myself back (literally, I held my hands behind my back, that's how bad I am at this), and let him do it. This is not always the case in these situations, like when Max is tying his shoes in the morning and we are running late and I tell him I'll just do it today. But today, I did it right and saw how much Jack and I both learned from that five minute lesson. Hopefully next time Max is tying his shoes as we're trying to get out the door, I'll remember it.