Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Shoo Fly, Don't Bother Me

Meet Petey.

He's the fly that has been living in our house for over a week now. He came in one day with the good weather, and the kids and Steve spent days trying to catch him. Amazingly, they finally did, and that night when I went down for a glass of water, I went to pick up the glass that was sitting upside down on the counter and realized that if I did I 1) would have freed Petey from his new home, and 2) drank water with nasty fly germs. Neither was a good choice, so I got a glass out of the cupboard.

The boys made Petey's home a little cozier with some things to eat, like a piece of leftover Ebelskiver and a section of a mandarin orange from breakfast. So Petey sat, on the counter, in my glass, feasting on his gourmet breakfast, for days. I was finally going to let Petey out (without the boy's knowledge) so I could stop being disgusted every time I was in the kitchen, but when I went down to set him free, he was missing. Turns out Steve got totally disgusted just minutes before me and let him out. I was relieved, but then I heard something. Buzzing around my head. Every time I sat down. I told Steve another fly got in the house, and he said "No, that's Petey." I guess his idea of setting him free and mine were slightly different.

So now Petey is flying around, landing on me, and buzzing in my ears whenever he gets a chance. I try to catch him, I try to kill him (and I don't usually kill bugs, it just seems wrong to me), but I have yet to succeed. Steve told the boys it was time to let Petey go, but they both were devastated, and begged us to let him stay. So he's still buzzing around, and I'm still going crazy. I'm telling you, a fly buzzing around my face is my personal nails on a chalkboard. I hate it. It makes me crazy. It makes me flail my arm around like an idiot for absolutely no reason. I think Petey's days are numbered.

I'm starting to realize that Max and Jack are missing their cat, Briscoe (who's living at my parents while we're in our rental), a little too much, and I've started counting the days until his return.


Kate Bailey said...

Wow, don't let Briscoe know that he was replaced by a fly! It might hurt his ego.