Saturday, September 27, 2008

Crazy Pizza Hat Blazer Guy

It always amazes me how different my kids are. Since they are both boys I guess I thought they would be somewhat alike, but nope, not at all. Max is super sweet and mild mannered, level headed, determined, and focused. Jack is silly, funny, sensitive, emotional, and also super sweet (well, I guess they have that one thing in common, but since I'm their Mom I may be a bit biased). If you ask them what they want to do with some free play time Max will want to play a game; the boy loves rules and structure. On the other hand, if you ask Jack he will want to do something where he can use his imagination, like when he dressed up in this costume and called himself Crazy Pizza Hat Blazer Guy:

The crazy pizza hat part is pretty obvious, the backpack is an energy booster (whatever that means), and the blazer is what he is calling the squirt gun. Actually, we don't let them play with guns, but when Jack got this one at a birthday party we let him keep it but we called it a water squirter. Jack started calling guns blazers during the summer when he got a laser bracelet thing in a kids meal. As long as he doesn't call them guns, I guess I'm kinda winning the battle. Jack is just one of those boys that has the gun stuff hardwired. He picks up sticks and turns them into guns even though I've never let him watch violent TV or movies. I find it a bit disturbing, but not as disturbing as when he wants to run around with the sticks he uses as guns. I am just waiting for the day when we end up in the emergency room due to some stick related accident. It's not a matter of if, but when.
Jack and Max's sweetness is really shown by how they look out for each other. Often when I am getting cross at Max for something Jack says (very emphatically) "Don't you say that to my brother!" And the first night we were living in our new place Jack was feeling a little scared so Max got into his bed with him and told him knock-knock jokes until he fell asleep. I love that.
The more I have noticed their personalities come out, the more I am realizing they are so much like Steve and I. Max would definitely be more like Steve, and Jack would be more like me (although he got the silly/funny thing from Steve for sure). Both personalities have their pluses and minuses, but since Steve and I have been married (and happy) for over 10 years now, I think something about the combination works.

Yin & Yang: Max & Jack


Kate Bailey said...

that was a great post, laura! it's fun to see all their differences and similarities. i can't believe how much they are growing up! i've really enjoyed reading your posts on here... they're really entertaining, and you are a fantastic writer! it's refreshing to hear your opinions... especially when the rest of the state is so far right-wing (and many, just because they feel like they *should* be)! anyway, thanks again for telling me about your blog so i can keep up on your lives!