Friday, September 26, 2008

Stunt Man

Is it just me, is everyone starting to wonder if John McCain's campaign is being led less by political pundits and more by publicists? I mean, can you believe the gimmicks this guy is willing to resort to? First there was the choice of Sarah Palin as his running mate, an obvious ploy to sway Hillary Clinton supporters. And now we get to witness John McCain's newest tactic to gain voter's confidence by insulting their intelligence. McCain's call to suspend the debates so he can rush home to fix an economy that last week he said was "fundamentally strong" stinks of downright desperation. Through wars and so many other crises the Presidential Debates have still gone on. Thank goodness there are people calling him out. First, David Letterman mocked him for the false urgency that caused him to cancel his appearance on Late Night (I know this is long, but its Letterman at his best):

And then today while working out at the gym I saw this interview on the Today Show between McCain advisor Nicole Wallace and Obama advisor Robert Gibbs that was almost as amusing as Letterman. Just watch and your head will spin with all the cliches Nicole Wallace strings together and the "shame you" she spits out at Robert Gibbs:

Please tell me I am not the only one that can sense the defensiveness in this woman? I would be defensive too if I had to stand behind for these ridiculous tactics. And I also love how she constantly refers to Sarah Palin "She" instead of Governor Palin. Do you think that they are trying to drive home the fact that she is in fact female or that she just got so flustered she couldn't remember how to refer to her appropriately? Or is the confidence the McCain campaign had in Palin starting to waver too?
I am a political novice at best, but I do have to say that I have been voting for over 20 years now, and I have never seen such an insane Presidential race. If I was a Republican (and I know a lot of very intelligent Republicans) I would be completely offended by a candidate that wanted me to back these kinds of transparent schemes. It does send a very clear message though: John McCain will do anything to get elected. Let's hope that just anything won't work.


sarah said...

Here, Here! Though very few in our lovely state will admit it, the "holy party" is looking more and more pathetic....

overandaroundus said...

a test

overandaroundus said...

OK, Laura, now I actually have to explain myself. The test was to figure out how to post a comment that will reference the blog I actually write on instead of the blogspot one where I don't.
My apologies for busying up your comments.