Friday, September 19, 2008

Supermodel Shoes

You know when you want something for a really long time and when you finally get it doesn't live up to your unrealistic expectations? Well, buying my Kork Ease Platform Sandals was not one of those times. I've wanted them for more than a year now, but since they are regularly priced at $175 - $200 I thought I would never get them. I kept checking at the Sundance Catalog Outlet to see if they got in a pair at a discount, and my patience finally paid off. I got these for over 50% off. I have worn them as much as possible since I got them; I even tried to figure out a way I could wear them to yoga yesterday without looking ridiculous. I love so many things about them: the way they look, how they go with tons of my skirts and jeans, how comfortable they are. But I love them most of all because when I wear them I am almost 5' 10" tall so I can now safely say I have at least one thing in common with a supermodel.