Thursday, September 11, 2008

Lagoon Day

Anyone who grew up Mormon in Utah knows about Stake Lagoon Day. I grew up on them, and looked forward every year to when we got to go out to the local amusement park and come back home completely exhausted from going on the roller coaster too many times in a row and drinking too much root beer. Lagoon also has some personal significance for me because it always reminds me of when I was seven years old and they had just opened the Jet Star 2. At the time it was cutting edge roller coaster technology (mind you, this was 1976) so everyone was excited to go on it. My two older sisters were, well, older and not pantywaists like I was, and jumped right in line when we saw it. But me, I wasn't so sure. I mean, did they not see that the cars on this thing turned sideways? Did they not feel the terror of the long spiraling track that took you up to the top only to free fall (before going sideways)? I guess not, because they started teasing me and telling me I was a wimp (which I was). I wouldn't even go on the retro spook alley ride The Terroride, how could they expect me to do such a thing as go on the Jet Star 2? But something happened in me that day. For some reason, I'm not sure why, I finally decided I really wanted to go on the Jet Star 2 and I didn't want a little thing like fearing for my life to get in the way. So, I got in line. I can still feel the heart palpitations I had during what seemed like the endless wait. But then I got on, and the funny thing is, I don't even remember how I felt on the ride. All I remember is I loved it. I mean, really loved it. Enough to go on like 20+ times that day. It's funny when and where we learn some of the most important lessons of our lives, and I have to say that I still like to take my chances, even when I'm scared to death. But I still won't go on the Terroride.
So, when Max saw the pamphlet at church for Stake Lagoon Day this summer, we promised him we would take him before the summer was done. At the time we were in the middle of moving and kept putting it off, but we finally got there the Saturday before Labor Day. We tried to get out of it because it was pretty expensive, but after going, we had to admit that it was worth every penny. Here's proof:

I remember going on these boats when I was the same age as Max and Jack. They still look exactly the same. It's nice to know that some things in life never change.

Bulgy the Whale hasn't changed a bit in the last 35+ years either.

Jack and I on the Ladybug Bop. It's more scary than it sounds,
see what I mean?

Max having a thoughtful moment, wondering what it's all for...

Steve and Max on the Dragonfly. Steve gets seriously sick on these kinds of rides, so I was a little nervous when I saw him getting on with Max. Luckily he got through it without losing his breakfast.

Shots from the outside of The Terroride. Do you get it now? I have no idea who the green woman is supposed to be, but let me tell you, it's the stuff childhood nightmares are made of.


The Ricks Fix said...

Hi guys-
Welcome to the blog world. It will be fun keeping tabs on Max & Jack. We miss them...we miss all of you. It was great to see Steve last week. Thanks Steve for entertaining my kids all day. And I'm sorry we didn't pay you back for the pizza. I'll send it in the mail.