Friday, September 12, 2008


Hallelujah! There's new organic market in the neighborhood that's actually worth going to. I saw the signs for Sunflower Farmer's Market going up a couple of months ago and I kept thinking I needed to stop in and check it out. But since I try to avoid University Parkway whenever possible, I kind of forgot about it. I was driving by this morning with Max and saw it was open, so I thought I'd stop for some produce for a salad. I was really pleasantly surprised because it felt like I had suddenly been transported out of Utah County and into a Whole Foods. It is probably a little smaller than the Whole Foods locations in Salt Lake, but they had a pretty good selection and I was able to find my Organic Tomato Puree I use for pizza sauce, the Snap Pea Crisps that my kids love, and English Crumpets which I usually only get at Trader Joe's when I'm in California. The best part was the prices, they were more like Trader Joe's prices instead of Whole Foods, so I was happy. They have beautiful produce (almost too beautiful and perfect looking, check out the photo), but not all of it is organic, so like in the regular market you have to double check.
They seem like they have really great specials, and they had some great looking prepared foods and bakery items. I spoke with the Produce Manager, and Sunflower Farmer's Market is a chain out of Colorado, and it has the benefits of a chain (well organized and stocked, lots of nice employees), and had the products I am often stuck to find in Provo/Orem. I still prefer Trader Joe's, but until we get one in Utah (never), I'll take it. Now we just have to see if it passes the Kirsten test, then we'll know if it's really legit. 


Janell said...

Welcome to the blog world. The market looks great and I will definitely check it out.