Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Best Christmas Party Ever

On Sunday night I went to what has become absolutely my favorite Christmas party every year. Mirjam, (check out her blog for some great stills of her beautiful house and Christmas decor) along with other friends and family, has an Advent party each Sunday before Christmas where everyone gets together to eat treats and sing Christmas carols. I always look forward to it because it gets me more in the mood for Christmas than anything else.
My family was not particularly musical, so I never went to a party where there was Christmas singing until I was living in New Hampshire and was invited to a Christmas sing-in. At first I thought it was strange to think of a bunch of adults sitting around singing carols, but after that night I was hooked; there really is nothing like it. Mirjam's party is especially fun because we sing traditional carols from Germany (in German) as well as American favorites. Then Uncle Steve gets out his guitar and starts rocking and singing some bluesy and Devo-inspired numbers. The kids love to dance, the adults love to watch them, so everyone has a fantastic time. I have decided that the new criteria to judge if I've had a great evening is if my cheeks hurt from smiling by the end of the night. They hurt so much last night that I still felt it in the morning. Like I said, it's the Best Christmas Party Ever. If you want evidence, here's two short videos:

Things went from Still, Still, Still...

To Super Sugar Overload.

I love this picture of Mirjam, being the perfect hostess as always (by the way, check out these cookies on her blog as well. They were absolutely amazing).


Shirley said...

I too have prepared my home for the Christmas party.