Saturday, December 6, 2008

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (Dance Remix)

We went to the Christmas Party at Jack's Preschool the other night, which is always a lot of fun. They go all out with the Christmas decorations and treats and there's even a really cute Santa for the kids to tell their Christmas wishes to. Part of the party every year is the kids getting together to sing Christmas songs. Jack can be a little apprehensive about these things, so I didn't know if he would want to do it, but he got right up with the other kids and got into it. Maybe a little too into it. Watch and see what I mean (sorry, but the only, and I mean only, spot I could get to take video was on the floor behind the microphone stand):

It looked like he was pulling out some Gene Kelly moves from Singin' In The Rain:

It totally cracked us up. I never knew he had it in him.


Kate Bailey said...

That is HILARIOUS! Nice moves, Jack!

Elizabeth said...

That is adorable!! I think he got his dancing talent from me...I'm just sayin.