Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Perfect Sledding Hill

There is a park called Lindsay Gardens in the neighborhood where I grew up. It's the park we did everything in; little league games, the annual church 4th of July Breakfast, ice blocking in the summers, hanging out with my friends there in high school. But perhaps the best part about Lindsey Gardens is the killer hills, awesome in the summer for rolling down and even better in the winter for sledding.
Because of a killer snowstorm on Christmas night, we stayed at my sisters house and the kids got to go sledding there the next day, with tons of fresh powder and their cool older cousins Zeke and Hayden. Here's some great photos that seem like they could have been taken 30+ years ago during my childhood:

The top of the sledding hill..

...to the bottom.

Zeke started okay at the top of the hill...

But was overcome by the powder halfway through the run...

But finally made it to the bottom in one (cold) piece.

Hayden had a little more finesse on his new snowboard:

Jack wiped out in the power on his first run, so he spent the rest of the trip on the playground:

Even though we don't get to live where I grew up like I'd like to, its fun to see Max and Jack creating some of their own childhood memories in the same place I did.