Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sugar Waffle Spectacular

Ever since I got back from Belgium in October, I have been trying to perfect the Liege Sugar Waffle like the one I had in Lueven. I can't say I have yet, but I invited a couple of friends over to try them today, and the whole thing kind of snowballed into a full on Pre-Christmas Sugar Waffle Extravaganza with nine adults and thirteen kids. It was crazy in our small condo, but tons of fun. Here's some photos:

The Pearl Sugar Waffles. My waffle iron doesn't get hot enough to completely melt the sugar, but they're pretty good anyway. My last batch was better though. One day I will make the perfect Liege Pearl Sugar Waffle, mark my words.

Janell enjoying a waffle.

Steve being the Emcee for our Christmas Trivia game with the kids, and everyone got a prize. Gotta love the dollar store. Jack was very proud of his.

And for those who didn't want waffles, there were Krispy Kreme Original Glazed.

I was so glad that so many of my friends, old and new were there. Thanks for coming! By next year I will (hopefully) have perfected the recipe, got a new waffle iron, and have a bigger house, so maybe we can try this get together again.

Merry Christmas!