Friday, December 19, 2008

Holy Cannoli!

I just received this photo in my inbox today (and I totally stole her subject line for the title of this post) from my friend, book group co-member and yoga teacher Amy (who you can hardly recognize with all the layers to keep out the cold), and it totally made my day. She and her husband are in New York City for the next few days and I told her if she had time she had to go to Venieros in the East Village to get the best Cannoli I've ever had.
I went to Venieros the first time with an Italian percussionist named Dominic who has performed some of Steve's pieces, and he told us it was the best in the city. I agree, and have tried cannoli in almost every major city in the US and a few in Europe and I have yet to have anything that even comes close, so it may just be the best cannoli in the entire world. If you need more convincing, here's some suggestive pastry footage to win you over:

It made me so happy to see that Amy made the trip; in my humble opinion, its totally worth the trouble. Judging from the picture, I think Amy thought so too.