Thursday, December 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Mirjam

Today I want to tell my friend Mirjam Happy Birthday To You, and some of the reasons I adore her:
  • She's German and I love Europeans.
  • She's a fantastic cook, and I love good food. And I love cooking too.
  • She has the most beautiful house. She would probably like it to change a ton of things about it, but whenever I am there I feel happy, so it's perfect in my opinion.
  • I can talk for her for hours, and it feels like no time has past. And I can be honest about how I feel and she totally gets me.
  • She has amazing taste in absolutely everything.
  • She has made my life as a Mom living in a very bizarre place feel much less bizarre.
  • She has the most beautiful, nice, fun children and a really cool, creative husband. And the coolest in-laws. I basically love her whole family, can you tell?
  • She's my friend.
Happy Birthday Mirjam! I'm so glad you were born 34 years ago!

* I totally stole the above photo from Mirjam's blog. Thanks!


mirjam said...

laura thank you so much for those kind and needed words. i'm lucky to have you as a friend!