Friday, December 5, 2008

S is for Storytime

One of the things that has gotten me through being the mother of two small children is Storytime at the library. Our local library goes all out, and it's nice to see considering the amount of children we have in our area. I am a big advocate of reading to kids, and I started reading with Max at 6 weeks old. I still absolutely love reading to them, so I want to do all I can to reinforce the idea that books are fun.
At Storytime each week the leaders give each kid the letter of the week, then everything focuses on that. There's songs, stories (of course), and a puppet show. I really give the library credit for teaching both my kids their letters at a young age, and Jack is able to recognize most of them already. We go every week, and then go out to get a bagel afterwards, and it's been such a fun ritual. Its even more fun now because a lot of my friends come with us, and I've made new cool mom friends at Storytime too. I was a little sad at the beginning of the school year when I realized that this is the last year I will be able to go with Jack because he will most likely be in preschool four mornings a week next year. I love it so much I may just go on my own. Okay, I'm not that pathetic, but it really will always be one of my favorite memories of this stage of childhood, and motherhood.


The Fam said...

I've just recently started taking Cecily--we'll have to meet you for bagels afterwards sometime.