Monday, December 22, 2008

Snow Angel

I remember when I was in first grade we didn't get any snow until after Christmas, and this was the first time that I realized this could happen. In my child's mind I thought that one could not exist without the other, and I was sorely disappointed when Christmas came and went without a trace of the white stuff. I was a little afraid that was going to happen again this year when we were getting 60 degree temperatures in November, and I have been bracing myself for the disappointment the boys (and I) would feel.
One morning getting into the car Max spied his sled sitting up against the wall of the garage and admitted that he was feeling sad that he couldn't go sledding. It kinda broke my heart just a little bit, but I told him that it should snow soon, and we would be sledding before we knew it. He said he was going to say a little prayer that it would snow, and I told him to go for it, although I was a little doubtful, but still hopeful at the same time. If anyone's prayer for snow is going to be answered, it'll be Max's. You can imagine my joy as I was standing in the line at Target later that same day and I looked into the parking lot and saw the snow finally coming down. I was so glad that Max's little wish was granted, and I was much happier too.
Today we had a major storm and as I walked to get the mail tonight the snow was halfway up my calf. Now that's what I call a snow. My wish for one more year of Max thinking that Christmas and snow can only come together came true too.


The Fam said...

Thanks, Max! I love this deep, deep snow. This is the Christmas I dreamed of as a kid in AZ. when it was 80 degrees outside!!