Monday, December 1, 2008

Playmobil Nativity Scene

One of the fondest memories I have of Christmastime is playing with my family's nativity scene, making baby Jesus jump from branch to branch on the Christmas tree and having Mary and Joseph hold hands. My parents had a plastic one that looked like carved ivory, so there was never a problem with little kids playing with it. A couple of years ago my Mother-in-law gave us a Lladro Nativity Scene, but every Christmas I just cannot bear to put it out because I know it will be broken to smithereens, so it's still sitting in a box in our garage.
I really wanted the kids to have a Nativity they could play with, so I was so happy to find this Playmobil Nativity Set last year at Target. It was less than $20 and the kids can play with it as much as they like, and it even comes with a booklet with the story of the Nativity. It has been the favorite toy since I brought it out a few days ago, and I love the memories that come back when I watch them play with it. Unfortunately the shepherd's walking stick has been turned into a lightsaber and the angels have both been used as Princess Leia, but I drew the line at the baby Jesus using the wise man's scepter to shoot the other characters. Maybe we need to read through that story of the Nativity again. At least they're having fun.