Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Whole Lot Of Ho Ho Ho In My Hybrid

I had a shopping day with Trish and Janell yesterday and we stopped, as we usually do, at the Sundance Catalog Outlet. I was there to check for more Kork Ease sandals, which they had in abundance for $20 each, so I bought two pairs. As I was leaving the store I saw this kitschy, retro, light-up Santa in the window that I had admired before, and it was marked way down. I knew it would look great on the porch of our new house so I really wanted it, and the price was right, but there was just one problem: I was driving my hybrid. As you can imagine, there's not a lot of room for a five-foot Santa in it, and I had two passengers. A very nice lady that worked at the shop came out in the ice and snow to help us put it in my car, and we finally got it to fit in the front seat with the seat reclined way back, and then Trish and Janell had to sit in the back seats, Janell pinned against the back seat by Santa's head. It was worth it though, because if you order it from the catalog or website you have to pay $90 just for the shipping, we got to spend the rest of our shopping day with people giving us strange stares because we had Santa in our front seat, and I had yet another chance to see what great friends I have. I hope Janell agrees it was worth it too.