Thursday, December 18, 2008

Our Ibiza Chapter 7: Much Ado About Faucets

We're at the point of picking faucets for the house now that they are putting in the plumbing. I have chosen pretty much all of them, but then I got stuck on the faucet for the kitchen sink. I did a bunch of Google searches, and came up with with the new Kohler Karbon faucet. It's so amazing it even needs it's own short film. Check it out:

I think I'm in love.


Kate Bailey said...

I have never been so engrossed by a video on a kitchen faucet before.

Also, I saw the picture of your brother-in-law and his fiancee again, but I forgot that I had already read the post. So I saw the title, "A happy couple," and thought to myself, "What is Steve doing with that woman?!?!?!" Dang, they really do look alike.

AND (last thing), last night when Hannah woke up three hours after I fed her, we decided to let her cry. It only took five minutes, and then she was out for four more hours! I hope she starts doing that regularly and on her own, because three hours stretches at night was miserable! :)

Janell said...

Wow, who knew that 2 minutes and 25 seconds could be dedicated entirely to a water faucet. Glad you found something you like.