Saturday, November 8, 2008

The First (and Hopefully Last) Annual Scooby Doo Film Festival

We have just spent day four of dealing with the stomach flu. Luckily I am back to normal, but Max just missed his third day of school and Jack has lost more than a few brain cells by being stuck in the house watching too much TV.
To us help get through this all I rented three Scooby-Doo movies at Blockbuster for the boys (their choice, not mine). You can imagine how tired I am of hearing "Hey Scoob," "Rut-Roh" and "Jinkies". Their favorite is Scooby Doo And The Legend of the Vampire which is set in the Outback, so add in very bad Australian accents and then, maybe, you can begin to feel my pain. I can't wait until Monday when hopefully I can have a "normal" week again. Emphasis on hopefully.

Don't you just love watching young minds being turned to mush?


Kate Bailey said...

It's hard to not let their minds turn to mush when they're sick and can't do much else! Hopefully everyone will have bounced back by next week. It seems like being sick throws everyone and everything off.... I hope you guys are feeling better!