Friday, November 21, 2008

Slurpee Fridays

Over the summer I introduced Max to Slurpees. I know, I know, what was I thinking? I rarely had Slurpees as a kid; in fact my Mom only let us get them after doctor's appointments so I had them only once a year or so. Max had to go to the doctor on a hot day and I told him we could get a treat, so I suggested a Slurpee and he was all over it. After that he wanted Slurpees morning, noon, and night. To help curb his addiction I told him we could only get them on Fridays when he gets off school early. I thought he's forget about it, but surprise, surprise, he hasn't, so most Fridays we go and get the guy a Slurpee. He's such a great kid, and doing so well in school, that I just couldn't deny him this little indulgence. Emphasize little, he only gets the smallest one. Did you know you can get a 44 ounce Slurpee? Only in America would we subject ourselves to that much sugar and brain freeze willingly.

Max, pondering life while kicking back with a Slurpee. His flavor(s) choice of the day: BLUE Vanilla (excuse me, since when was vanilla blue?), Wild Cherrry, Banana, and Mango. He likes to experiment.