Friday, November 7, 2008

Snow Day

We had our first snow of the year Wednesday, and even though Max was home sick from school and we were all still feeling under the weather from the stomach flu, I just could not let them out to play in it. I am one of those strange people who's favorite season is winter, and ever since I was a kid I felt the first snow day is something magical. If only we could have had a little more, but the kids had fun. We're supposed to get more in the next week, and I couldn't be happier.

Max and Jack are connoisseurs of fine snow. We have pictures of them every year eating it, and I just smile and keep repeating to myself "There's no such thing as an inversion, There's no such thing as an inversion..."

Poor Max. You can always tell the sick ones from their eyes. He's much better today.

Jack eating snow, and making sure he gets every last bit.

Since I love snow days so much, I had to buy this book for the boys when I saw it. It's become one of our favorites. Check it out on Amazon.


Kate Bailey said...

There's something completely magical about snow! I woke up giddy like a little kid when I saw that the room was all bright even though it should still be dark... it's like Christmas morning! :) I just hate when I have to drive in it.... I get all stressed out and stay 10 and 2 the whole time and have the radio off and the cell phone out of reach intentionally. :)