Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Scarecrow of a Different Color

When I went to pick up Max at school a couple of weeks ago, I saw that his class had made Fall scarecrows in Art and his teacher had hung them up on the wall outside his classroom. It's amazing how cute kid's artwork can be, so I looked them over and then came to Max's. All the other scarecrows looked pretty much the same, but Max's had an over sized purple top hat and was short, orange, and named Joshua. I loved it, and it reminded me of one of the projects I had done in 2nd grade. It was Easter and we were asked to write an Easter story. I wrote mine about a chick being born, and remember being especially proud of it. It wasn't until our teacher had posted all the stories in the hall that I found out that everyone else in my class has written something about the Easter Bunny (and usually what he was bringing them). My sister asked me why I hadn't written something about the Easter Bunny too, and I didn't know why, but I guess it just hadn't occurred to me. At the time I felt a little silly, but looking back, I'm glad to see I was thinking a little differently, even then. So, when I saw this crazy top-hatted scarecrow, I was so proud of Max for thinking outside the box and doing his own thing. I hope he's proud of it too.