Monday, November 10, 2008

Two Movie Reviews

Just like when I was a kid, my favorite part of being sick is watching too much TV. The kids did it over the past week as we have all been sick, and I did my share after they went to bed.
I did watch two great movies though, first Paris je T'aime (R), which I had seen before but wanted to see again after just being in Paris. It is such a great movie; its a collection of short films about the different neighborhoods in Paris, and it feels like reading a great short story collection. They are all fantastic, although some are a bit out there. Here's a trailer:

Second, I finally saw the romantic comedy Purple Violets that came out last year. It is available to rent on iTunes, but may be available to rent in stores too. (It's unrated, but would be R for language). It was written and directed by Edward Burns, who I admit to having a huge crush on. I always love his movies because they are set in the New York of my fantasies, where everyone lives in a multi-million dollar loft in SoHo and has a cool job, but without the usual Hollywood slickness. Although Burns' movies are far from perfect, I love them. I just do. Here's another trailer:

Check them out and tell me what you think.